Below is a document that explains what the POA has committed to do regarding a change in the covenants to control Short Term Rentals. As you will see, it will be a lengthy process that must be followed to successfully change the covenants.

A "quick summary" would be:
1. The process will take 9 months to a year.
2. We now have a plan to attempt the covenants change
3. A survey has been sent via email and will close on Aug 31.
4. 3 meetings will be held to discuss the process. Sep and Nov discussions will be part of Coffee with Peter. Oct will be about this issue only.
5. POA attorney is working on wording and will be presented at the meetings above.
6. Plantation Living, Emails and the Annual Meeting Mailings will be used for information and education.
7. Volunteers will be asked to speak with neighbors about voting in favor before actual Balloting starts in February.
8. If this doesn't get the required votes, Volunteers will go door to door for votes.
9. Voting will be done both electronically or by signing an approved petition.
As said, this is a length process. Much of the effort will be to educate our residents about the importance of this change and that will fall on each one of us to insure success.
 Details of the process from the POA
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Filename is ==>http://www.hhpcommunity.com/images/sitelocal/Update on the current status of the Short Term Rental issue.pdf