Short Term Rental Survey

A survey about Short Term Rentals was sent out Monday August 13, 2018 by the POA by email. If you did not receive the survey you can go to the plantation web site and take the survey from there. Go to

and click on "CLICK HERE" under SHORT TERM RENTAL SURVEY on the right side of the screen.

Or you can go directly to the survey by clicking this link

The purpose of this survey is to see if there is sufficient support for a covenant change to control Short Term Rentals. We need to show strong support via this survey or our effort will fail before it gets started. This is a long process and we are working toward 67% of residents voting yes in the final vote which will occur later in the process. This is a high bar to clear but we can do it!
If you have neighbors that may not have internet access or problems using PCs you might help them with the process. They must enter their access code which is the 5 digit PIN number needed to get a pass into the plantation. Then answer the 3 questions and hit Done.
The survey will close on Aug 31, 2018.
Note that this survey is not the binding vote - that will occur later but only if we get a strong response in this survey. The response to the survey will indicate to the POA if there is (or is not) sufficient interest to proceed. 
Also forward this web address - - to other HHP residents that might be interested in helping with this endeavor. We need your help.