Hilton Head Plantation – HHP Community

HHP Community is committed to promoting communication and cooperation between residents of Hilton Head Plantation.

We are currently focused on a single issue, Short Term Rentals in the plantation. Although we have been told for years that Short Term Rentals were not allowed in the plantation, we have found that to be incorrect. The fact is that nowhere in the covenants or the bylaws does it restrict Short Term Rentals.

We are currently dedicated to changing the covenants to restrict Short Term Rentals.

A Facebook Group has been formed to support this change. Please join that group if you are a resident of HHP. To join you must enter your Name, Street Number and Street Name in HHP. We need that information to insure you are a resident of the plantation and to help us organize various areas of the plantation to assist with the covenant change. To join click on the link below and answer those questions. We need your participation.

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Should you need the direct link it is https://www.facebook.com/groups/hhpcommunity/

But I’m not using Facebook – No Problem

If you are not on Facebook or don't wish to join the FB group, you can signup for our email list by clicking on the email menu option in the main menu above. 

We will send you periodic emails on the status of this endeavor.

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